Some species of sharks are lucky enough to enjoy over 50,000 teeth throughout their lives. As human adults, we have to make do with only 32!

As you’d expect, we have to care for, clean, and covet those 32 teeth or face permanent consequences. So, how can you ensure that you’re taking the utmost care of your teeth? What can you do to keep your gums and teeth healthy?

Read on to learn exactly what to do to experience the best dental hygiene. If you’re in the area, we’ll also help direct you to services that help with dental hygiene in Maple Ridge.

1. Get Into a Dental Routine

You’ve heard it before — brushing and flossing your teeth supports your dental health. This well-known fact is true, but it only works when you do it often. That’s why it’s so important to get into a dental routine.

Routines become habits, which can influence how you think and feel.

Once brushing and flossing become a habit, you’ll notice the difference. It will no longer be a forgotten chore but an important part of feeling good!

2. Eat More Foods That Promote Dental Health

Next, you need to think about the food you eat on a regular basis. After all, food and drinks are what cause your teeth to decay. If you eat more food that promotes dental health, then you’ll enjoy better health.

Here are a few foods to consider adding to your diet:

  • Celery
  • Cucumber
  • Carrots
  • Spinach
  • Apples
  • Cheese
  • Milk

Not only will you be supporting your teeth, but your whole body will thank you, too!

3. Challenge Yourself to Eat Less Sugar

One of the primary reasons people think tooth decay is inevitable is because they eat a lot of sugar. Dental bacteria feed on sugar, which is why sugar is the number one cause of cavities.

If you can cut back on sugar, then you’ll be doing your teeth a favor.

4. Pick Up Some Good Dental Habits

If brushing has become routine, then you already know you can turn an act into a habit. Now, it’s time to apply that logic to good dental habits. Start trying to do the following on a regular basis to ensure your dental hygiene is as good as possible:

  • Chew sugar-free gum
  • Change your toothbrush
  • Use a soft bristled toothbrush
  • Don’t neglect your tongue
  • Never use your teeth to open packages
  • Avoid toothpicks

Picking up these habits will benefit your dental health more than you realize.

5. Consider Your Damaging Habits

Adopting good habits isn’t enough!

To thrive, you need to ditch those damaging habits, too.

That means you need to cut back on the sodas, stop smoking, and curb your caffeine intake. These habits all stain and weaken your teeth. They also undermine your efforts to be healthier.

6. Stay Hydrated

When your mouth is dry, it doesn’t make enough saliva. That means your body isn’t washing away bacteria that harms your teeth! Don’t let that happen!

Instead, be sure to drink enough water every day.

To boost the impact, use fluoridated water. Fluoride helps strengthen tooth enamel. It prevents acid from damaging your teeth for a short time. Further, it can even reverse early tooth decay!

Now, you have even more reasons to get in those daily 8 cups of water.

7. Consider Taking Vitamins

Did you know that pregnancy makes you more susceptible to tooth loss? It makes sense when you think about it. Your growing baby needs certain nutrients, and that means you need to double your intake of them.

If you’re not getting enough vitamins and minerals, then your body may take them from your teeth!

With that in mind, it’s good to consider taking vitamins. This is especially true if you don’t have a vitamin-rich diet. By doing so, you’ll support your dental health.

8. Be Wary of DIY Dental Fixes

Homeopathy and natural medicines are trending as we approach 2022. It only takes one Google search to see a plethora of products that promise results. From tooth whitening to cavity fillings, these DIY dental fixes are everywhere.

While it’s great to research alternatives, DIY dental fixes rarely work out well. In fact, many of them end up irreparably damaging your teeth. Skip the DIY trends and consult with a dentist instead. You’ll thank yourself later!

9. Never Participate in Dental TikTok Trends

For the past several years, dangerous internet trends have emerged. Now, TikTok users have been posting some unique dental challenges. These include scrubbing teeth with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and closing gaps with hair ties.

Please do not take part in these social media challenges! Most of them do not work, and many are downright dangerous.

If you’re a parent, it’s worth talking to your child about these trends. Otherwise, they could fall victim to some of the worst trends that result in serious damage.

10. Get Regular Checkups

Finally, you need to get regular dental checkups from the experts for optimal health. When you get regular checkups, your dentist can clear away tough-to-reach plaque. They can scrape away tough tartar.

Plus, they can identify and correct any issues.

Even people with the best dental hygiene are likely to experience some form of decay with age. So, consider regular checkups your preventative maintenance.

Dental Hygiene in Maple Ridge

Experiencing the very best dental hygiene in Maple Ridge is harder than you’d expect. Due to our modern-day diets and habits, healthy mouths are becoming a rarity. It’s also a common expectation to have some form of tooth decay.

An unhealthy mouth doesn’t have to be inevitable, though. You can make changes to boost your health starting right now.

One of the best things you can do is get an evaluation from a dentist. They’ll help identify what’s wrong and what you can do to get healthy again. Head over to our new patient’s area now if you’d like to become one of our new favorite regulars!