Smile Makeovers

Beautiful smile makeover for our lovely patient.

Replacing missing teeth and addressing front teeth esthetics by placing 2 porcelain bridges. The result is a natural beautiful smile and our patient couldn’t be any happier.

  • Front teeth gums will take 4-6 weeks to completely heal and get used to the new bridges.
  • Major treatments like this, take time. We started by digital smile design, 3D printed study models and wax ups and healing check appointments!

New (interim) Smile!

Doing treatments in phases: Sometimes we have to phase our major treatments into multiple steps. Our patient wanted to have his front teeth crowned due to the extent of decay and how heavily restored they were. We decided to do 2 crowns a year to work with the dental plan. We started by doing crowns on the 2 front teeth and then filling the back teeth to match the crowns to get them ready for future crown placements! The result is a beautiful smile. Although we are still in the middle of our treatment, our patient is happy with the front teeth and their esthetics.