Did you know that limiting your sugar intake now could pay off for the rest of your life? That’s because sugar intake increases the chances of suffering tooth decay and cavities.

Decay and cavities may be the least of your worries if you’re anything like the average Canadian. Most Canadians will lose at least one adult tooth due to serious decay.

These are only a few of the most common dental problems. Read on to learn more about the top 7 dental problems and how to treat them.

1. Tartar Buildup

Have you noticed your teeth look discoloured despite practicing regular dental hygiene? Are there areas of your teeth that are darker than others? If so, you may be struggling with tartar buildup.

Dental plaque is the result of bacteria deposits that form from food and fluids. Dental plaque that doesn’t get removed will create tartar. Tartar is hard and can’t get removed at-home.

2. Bad Breath

Do you struggle with bad breath? You may believe your own behaviour is causing the odour, but that’s usually not the case. Often, an underlying condition is the culprit. Here are a few things that could cause bad breath:

  • Gum disease
  • Sugar addiction
  • Dry mouth
  • Untreated cavities
  • Tongue bacteria
  • Oral cancer

If you brush daily but still have bad breath, then consult with a dentist.

3. Cavities

Bacteria buildup, plaque, and tartar all occur as a result of our diets. If you don’t clean them from your mouth often, then they can create tiny holes in your tooth’s structure. Over time, it can destroy your enamel.

The only way to treat a cavity is by having your dentist clean and fill it.

4. Mouth Sores

Mouth sores are tiny painful lumps in your mouth. They can happen when you bite your cheek or burn your mouth. They can also happen if you smoke or chew tobacco. Another common cause is the Herpes virus.

5. Gum Disease

Poor dental hygiene for extended periods leads to gum disease. Plaque, tartar, and bacteria buildup cause gum inflammation. This can eventually lead to both infection and the destruction of your jaw bone.

6. Infections

Untreated cavities or broken teeth lead to infections.

Infections are medical emergencies. They can spread to other parts of your body, and they can even be fatal.

7. Oral Cancer

Oral cancer can happen to anyone. Common symptoms include sores, lumps, or rough areas in your mouth. Your dentist should check for this condition often. By doing so, you have a greater chance of catching the cancer early on.

Treat These Common Dental Problems With Regular Care

These common dental problems all deserve prompt attention and care. If you fail to treat your teeth right now, then you’ll end up missing them in the future. Many of these conditions are avoidable with regular dental office visits.

Are you ready to give your teeth the love they deserve? Do you need to schedule a new patient consultation with a professional? If so, then we’re prepared to help. Leave your contact information on our online form to start booking an appointment.