Although a good brushing and flossing routine maintain good oral hygiene, it is not enough. Keeping your teeth and gums healthy requires regular teeth cleaning. This blog will cover the importance, process, and cost of professional teeth cleaning. 

Why is professional teeth cleaning important?

Even with a regular brushing and flossing routine, plaque and tartar build up over time. The build-up may result in oral health problems such as tooth decay and gum diseases. The build-up of tartar can lead to gingivitis, a mild gum disease. Professional teeth cleaning can help address this problem by removing the buildup.

American Dental Association recommends teeth cleaning once every six months.  Regular cleaning allows for preventive measures and good overall health. For instance, regular visits with our dental hygienist reduce the risk of tooth decay and loss and help discover early signs of oral health problems.

Detecting dental issues early on can help reverse them quickly. Opting for treatment at this stage may also be cost-effective, making it affordable. Another essential benefit is that most dental plans cover dental cleanings, making them affordable.

In addition to keeping your teeth clean, professional cleanings provide you with a whiter smile by removing excess tartar buildup that causes discoloration. Our dentists can help you take advantage of your policy and assist you with professional teeth cleaning in Maple Ridge. 

What happens during a professional teeth cleaning?

Professional teeth cleaning is a straightforward process. Our dentists in Maple Ridge start by physically examining the entire mouth. Using a small mirror, they examine the surface of the teeth and gums for any oral health issues. This step allows our dentists in Maple Ridge to detect dental problems before cleaning.

Using a scaler, our hygienist will then scrape off any plaque and tartar from the surface of your teeth and gumline. After scaling, our dentists use an electric brush to clean your teeth with gritty toothpaste. This polishing step ensures a deep clean and removes any tartar left behind. Professional teeth cleaning uses toothpaste with a gritty consistency that scrubs your teeth. 

After rinsing your mouth, our dentists will professionally floss your teeth. Professional flossing removes the remaining plaque or toothpaste left from polishing. The dentist follows flossing with the popular final step of fluoride treatment and will fit a mouthpiece with a foamy gel over your teeth. This protectant will help fight cavities for the next few months. 

How often should you get professional teeth cleaning?

lthough getting your teeth cleaned every six months is recommended, following our dentist’s advice is essential. They may recommend more frequent cleanings based on your oral health issues. Routine cleanings will help reduce any risks of tooth decay and gum diseases. Schedule a professional teeth cleaning at Maple Ridge to determine a regular schedule based on your needs.

Costs of teeth cleaning 

The cost of professional teeth cleaning can vary due to factors such as the type of cleaning, oral health condition, and available insurance. A basic dental cleaning can cost between $75 to $300 and typically includes a dental exam, removing plaque, and tartar and polish. This cost can be higher if our dentist determines an extensive cleaning and gum disease treatment. 

Dental insurance can lower your out-of-pocket costs. Generally, most insurance plans cover basic cleaning. However, it is important to consult with our dental office in Maple Ridge to understand what is covered. Our hygienist will book a consultation with you to determine the option based on your existing oral health conditions. 


A professional teeth cleaning is a good investment in a healthier smile and oral health. It is also important to follow proper aftercare to maintain your results. Our dentists in Maple Ridge recommend following good oral hygiene religiously.

Good oral hygiene includes brushing your teeth twice daily with fluoride toothpaste and flossing between teeth to remove plaque. Additionally, use anti-bacterial mouth ash to freshen your breath and kill bacteria. Further, schedule a teeth cleaning appointment with us every six months to remove buildups and prevent potential dental problems.