A professionally made teeth whitening kit is excellent for at-home whitening with optimal results at an affordable price. Check out this guide to learn more about custom whitening kits. We’ll explain how easy it is to usef whitening trays at home.

What is a custom whitening kit?

A professionally fitted teeth whitening kit is a custom tray that is fabricated using a mold of your teeth. Your dentist uses the mold to build a personal tray for applying a specially prescribed teeth whitening gel.

What are the benefits of teeth whitening?

The custom fit of your tray ensures the gel is applied evenly across your teeth and helps to prevent the gel from spreading onto your gums. This reduces the sensitivity often felt when the active whitening ingredients touch the gumline. The custom tray also guarantees an efficient use of the gel, which will apply directly across the entire surface of your teeth (even where there are ridges or gaps). 

Your dentist will also prescribe a special teeth whitening gel that is more powerful than products offered over-the-counter. While all whitening gels use the same active ingredients, the gel included in your professional teeth whitening kit is stronger and will deliver better results faster.

Custom kits provide an outstanding result compared to teeth whitening strips. The precise mold and stronger gel work to achieve a brighter smile faster than store-bought products. Compared to in-office whitening treatments, an at-home teeth whitening kit will perform as well while being convenient and affordable. More treatments are required for a custom at-home kit compared to an in-office treatment. 

How do I use my custom whitening kit at home?

First, your dentist will schedule an appointment to take a mold of your teeth. Once the office has your mold, a custom tray will be built. When your professionally made teeth whitening kit is ready to take home you will be given a set of instructions on how to apply the gel. Speak with your dentist about any questions or concerns you may have about your personal whitening kit. 

Teeth whitening kits are simple to use. Here is a general guideline to help you at home:

  1. Prepare teeth and whitening kit: Before each teeth whitening treatment, thoroughly brush and floss your teeth to ensure they are clean. You can also clean the whitening tray by rinsing it with cold water. Make sure the tray is completely dry so that the gel’s ingredients are most effective. 
  2. Apply professional teeth whitening gel: Use only a very small amount of the gel on the tray. Do not spread the gel across the tray. The gel will naturally spread and fill across your teeth during application. There is no need to waste any because a little goes a long way! Make sure to reseal the gel tube to keep it fresh between uses.
  3. Insert custom teeth whitening tray: Fit the tray with gel over teeth and press firmly to create a tight seal. Wipe away any excess gel that may spill out of the tray. Avoid swallowing the whitening solution by spitting it out when necessary. If there is a large amount of excess gel, take note and use a smaller amount on your next application. Use the teeth whitening kit for the directed amount of time.
  4. Complete teeth whitening treatment: After using the teeth whitening kit for the directed amount of time, remove the tray and immediately rinse teeth. Use a toothbrush for a thorough removal of any leftover gel. Continue with your regular dental hygiene routine between treatments.
  5. Caring and storing whitening kit: Clean the tray before storing the kit between treatments. Rinse and remove any remaining gel from the tray using a brush and cold water. Store the entire teeth whitening kit in a cool, dry area and avoid direct sunlight or heat.

Maintain your results for a longer lasting, whiter and brighter smile.

To get the best results from your custom teeth whitening kit, do not drink, eat, or smoke for 2 hours after each treatment. In addition, avoid food and drinks that have strong colours (such as coffee, red wine, or some spices) for 48 hours after each treatment. 

Our kits are a popular cosmetic treatment that is safe and effective. Contact us to get started with your own custom teeth whitening kit.