Invisalign Cleaning: Professional Tips

Chunky braces are a thing of the past. A straight smile can be easily achieved using new technology in Invisaligns, and it’s all possible without anyone knowing you’re wearing braces. The only care needed is to keep a clean Invisalign and regularly brush and floss teeth. 

Learn about professional Invisalign cleaning tips here!

Invisalign Cleaning Tips

Clean Invisalign and Brush Teeth Daily

Ideally, brush your teeth and clean your aligner every day, when you first wake up and before heading to bed. While you sleep, your Invisalign is hard at work. It’s possible for bacteria to build up throughout the day and night. To help keep harmful bacteria at bay, a deep clean is needed twice a day. 

Rinse Aligners Whenever You Take Them Out

It’s recommended that the aligners are removed whenever eating or drinking. Whenever these moments come up, give the Invisalign a good rinse under water before storing and again before inserting. If there are other points when you remove

Soak Invisalign Aligners Once a Day

There are specific cleaning solutions that are made to soak and clean Invisaligns. The Invisalign crystal cleaners, for example, are strong enough to clean bacteria yet gentle enough to not scratch or erode the aligners. Be careful of home-made solutions that you might find online. Invisaligns can be delicate and some DIY cleaners are too harsh or abrasive for the material. 

Soaking the Invisalign in a special clean once a day will help clear off all bacteria, even in spots that might be tricky to clean.

Remove Aligners When Eating & Drinking

Prevention is a great approach to keeping a clean aligner. Avoid eating or drinking (aside from water) while wearing your Invisalign. It might seem like a lot of work to remove and rinse the aligner each time you eat or drink, but it is certainly worth the effort in the long run. Not only will you have a straighter smile, but you can also avoid stains, cavities, or bacteria from food or drink getting caught in the tray. 

Use a Storage Case for Your Aligners

Whenever it’s time to take out the aligners, whether it’s for dinner or drinks, avoid leaving it on the table or in a napkin. Leaving the Invisalign out in the open can collect bacteria and is likely to be broken or lost. Instead, use a storage case to keep your Invisalign clean and safe. 

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