Do your kids struggle with brushing their teeth? Not brushing them correctly or long enough is challenging, especially with busy mornings. Ensuring your children develop good dental habits is essential. It can prevent any oral issues in the future and allows them to have healthy teeth and gums. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure good brushing habits stick with your kids:

Brushing Kids Teeth Made Fun

Picking the tools

Children have little hands, which can sometimes make it challenging to floss or brush. When shopping for oral care products, ensure you are getting tools that are not sharp and will be easy for the child to use. 

Children are drawn to bright colors or their favorite cartoon characters. Allowing your child to pick the color of the toothbrush or toothpaste they want gives them a sense of control and can make toothbrushing much less scary. By letting them choose which colors and brands they want, they will be a lot more excited to go home and try their new tools.

Make It Fun

Brushing your teeth can never be fun for a child. Try making it seem like more of a game and less of a task; this way, they will be more inclined to participate. Try playing their favorite song while brushing, or tell them to quickly brush through commercial breaks. Setting a timer and challenging them to keep brushing until it rings also contests the child. Sometimes, incentives can make it easier to ensure your child brushes their teeth. Rewarding their good behavior will encourage them to continue doing it and make it more fun.

Have a Schedule

Keeping your kid on a schedule will encourage them to turn oral care into a habit. Repeating the task daily will become less of a struggle and more of a pattern. It will also ensure you remember if they brushed their teeth or not. 

Make it a Group Activity

If nothing is working, try brushing your teeth with your child. Seeing you brush your teeth will encourage them to follow and allow you to have a bonding experience. It shows them that you take your dental hygiene seriously, and they should also.

Brushing Kids Teeth Made Fun

Set a Good Example

It’s harder to convince a child to follow rules that the parents aren’t following. Your child is more likely to floss if they see you flossing. Or brush their teeth if they see you do it. Set good examples that your children will notice and hopefully follow. 

As adults, we know that it only takes two minutes to brush your teeth, but with children, it can take up to an hour just to get them to comply. Letting them choose their tools and make a game out of the task will help them brush easier. Making habits will ensure their oral care is healthy and eventually become routine. These tips and tricks are different methods you can use to ensure your child takes care of their teeth. Book an appointment with us today, to care for you and your child’s teeth